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Newton 101

What is Newton Project?

Newton Project aims to build infrastructure for community-based economy, and through the provision of services around governance, collaboration and incentives, Newton upgrades corporate economy to a brand new community-based economy that benefits everyone who contributes.

The Newton team is distributed all over the world and is made up of technical experts from different countries, e-commerce entrepreneurs and other industry elites. Newton has a full-stack technology architecture, including the underlying public chain New Chain (mainnet launched in December 18, 2018, with a “Main chain + sub chain”structure and POA consensus mechanism, TPS over 5000 and is scalable enough for various business applications), distributed storage service New Net and New IOT (covering more than a dozen sensors). Above basic technology layer, Newton has a Hyper Exchange Protocol, which includes digital identity and credit, supply chain, digital marketing, transactions and payments, trusted physical channels, self-finance and NNIO, support DApps with real business value, such as New Mall. The first application running on Newton is New Mall, which is an on-line chain retailer that combines blockchain technology with e-commerce, through Newton, huge commercial intermediaries will be eliminated and consumers and other contributors will benefit. In addition to the retail industry, Newton is also committed to foster real applications in agriculture, supply chain, self-finance, payment, public welfare, games and other fields.

Besides, Newton currently has a global and diverse community distributed over 89 countries. Newton has established 32 overseas telegraph groups covering more than 170,000 people. Community is the foundation for the Newton community-based economy.

What is NewChain?

NewChain is a scaling solution for public blockchains. It's the world's programmable blockchain.

NewChain is based on Official golang implementation of the Ethereum protocol. NewChain made the following changes:

  • In order to better integrate NewIoT technology, modify the signature algorithm from secp256-k1 to secp256-r1
  • In order to support higher GasPrice settings, modify some of the limiting parameters, including maxPrice and SuggestPrice
  • The consensus algorithm uses PoA, and the block interval is 3 seconds

What is NEW?

NEW is the symbol of the Newton token. In the ecology of the Newton community economy, NEW is a super carrier of value and rights, with characteristics of easy circulation, digitization, encryption, and decentralization.